Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the relationship between the Isaac Goiz Durán School and the Mexican College of Medical Biomagnetism?

None. The college is a guild of biomagnetists independent of the school. However, after the earthquake of September 19, 2017, the college headquarters suffered severe damage and our institution in solidarity and hospitality, decided to lend it an office within our facilities, temporarily.

We do not offer any type of benefit, discount or promotion to its members.

The credential they provide does not have any influence or value in the school.

  • When will my shipment arrive?

We hire an independent parcel service, so we offer a tracking number with which you can follow the trajectory of your shipment at all times. However, from the moment the package leaves our facilities, it becomes the responsibility of the courier.

If your products suffer any damage, let us know by writing to quejasysugerencias@escuelaisaacgoiz.com to file a claim for the parcel service and start the replacement procedure.

  • What do I do if my product is defective?

File your complaint by writing to quejasysugerencias@escuelaisaacgoiz.com, include your proof of payment, your name, a brief description and photos of the defect. Once a report is filed we will start the procedure to send you a new product at no cost.

A defect is understood as any factory defect, except for damages caused by the misuse of the product or wear. Defects are evaluated case by case before replacing to verify that it is indeed a factory defect.

  • Why are our magnets special?

When you took your course you learned the importance of the level of gauss and the materials with which the magnets are made. At the Isaac Goiz Durán School we cover each pair of magnets by hand so that you have quality material and made with the care and affection that represents us.

Our first magnets were made by Mrs. María Elena Martínez, wife of Dr. h. c. Isaac Goiz, who did the quality and design tests to create the models we use today. She continues to care over the supervision of this process and constantly includes in our inventory new material useful for biomagnetists.

  • No one answering when you call our organization?

We generally answer all calls during our business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. CST.  In additions our lines can be busy tending to other calls, so we ask for your patience and to try again later.

An alternative to this is to contact us on our social media networks, through Google Business messages or write us an email to the appropriate area of interest, which you can find in our directory.

  • How can I place an order for books or teaching materials without using the online store?

If you need to use another payment method or for any another reason, we will gladly see you at our facilities, where we have a physical store for books, supplies and merchandise “Escuela IG”.

You can also write to libros@escuelaisaacgoiz.com to ask about the books or to place your order.

  • What do I do if I have already made a payment and I will not be able to attend the course?

You can write to serviciosacademicos@escuelaisaacgoiz.com include proof of payment, your full name, the course information and the refund request, or if you prefer to use the payment for another later date.

We will then contact you, and we will inform you about the resolution, either the confirmation of the date change you made or your refund.

  • Why don’t they give online courses?

There are two primary reasons for this. First of all, we give instructors a certain freedom on how to give their lessons, but in the end it is the Dean’s decision of what modality will be enforced. In this regard, Dr. h. c. Isaac Goiz has always said that he prefers direct contact with students to observe their learning process and to get to know them personally.

On the other hand, we have discovered over the years with numerous tests and pilot groups that students better understand the material in person and only in this way do they acquire the necessary skills to apply the therapy.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee the quality of the courses that other people sell, nor their content or methodology, even if they have studied with us.

Currently, we are working to obtain the RVOE and in the future to offer the possibility of carrying out a broader study program with a mixed modality, including online subjects and face-to-face practices.

  • How can I become an authorized instructor?

You need to submit a written request to the Academic Director where you include your CV/Resume and the reasons why you would like to be part of this team. You will be asked for supporting documents and to complete tests to see your level of knowledge and your skills, among other requirements. However, the school reserves the right to accept or deny your request.

  • How can I become a practicum instructor?

Supervised practices are a program where outstanding students help others to improve their skills to practice the therapy appropriately. They receive special training and are constantly changing, but they are not authorized instructors. To become an practicum instructor it is required that you complete your training as a biomagnetist, that you take the complete internship program, that you obtain the maximum score on your exams and that you receive a recommendation from one of your teachers.

From this, the Academic Director will be able to assess your skills and consider you for the position.