Biomagnetism PREMIUM and Biomagnetic Pair Training Retreat Level 1, Ibiza October 9th to 16th, 2023 all included

octubre 9 @ 9:00 am - octubre 16 @ 6:00 pm
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Biomagnetism PREMIUM and Biomagnetic Pair Training Retreat Level 1, Ibiza October  9th to 16th, 2023 all included,

Travel to Ibiza for a biomagnetic pair initiation and training retreat, for six days in a dream place. Train yourself as an official Biomagnetism therapist, from the Higher School of Medical Biomagnetism of dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.

In this training/coexistence we will take advantage of the days for an immersion in training, rest, time to absorb information, “vitalistic walk”, regeneration in nature.


v Biomagnetic Pair Course – 1st Level:
v Days: May 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16  2024 (7 days of training)
v Schedule: 3 days full day, 3 days half day (Includes breaks

for coffee and food) + 1 year of online tutoring in internships.

v Location: Ibiza (Balearic Islands), Santa Teresa Spirituality House.
v Price: €2800
v Special Offers: for registrations made before 30

April 2024: paying 40% of the total by transfer, training

It will cost €2600.
v Bring a friend and the training will cost €2,500 each.

v This course includes:

1st Level Biomagnetism Training, by the Isaac Goiz Durán Higher School of Medical Biomagnetism, Budoka Ibiza delegation and one year of tutoring for questions.

7 Nights half board in a Single Room with bathroom (Entry on May 8, Departure on May 15, 2024).

Certificate: Certificate issued by the Higher School of Medical Biomagnetism upon completion of the course and Certificate from the University of New Medical Sciences (Mexico) once the relevant exams and tests have been passed.

*Optional Balearic Government Diploma: Consult bases.

Didactic material: Book “The Biomagnetic Pair” by Isaac Goiz Durán and

Teacher’s manual.

Magnets: 1 pair of Skuers® leather magnets.

Coffee Break: 2 breaks a day with coffee, the, fruits.

*(Check the price)

v Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at doctors, health personnel, physiotherapists, therapists and the general public who want to be a therapist.

The final diploma of the course is a diploma issued by the “Isaac Goiz Durán Higher School of Medical Biomagnetism” and accredited by the University of New Medical Sciences.

v About this course:

Biomagnetic Pair (PB) is a therapeutic technique developed by the Mexican scientist, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán more than 30 years ago. It is focused on eliminating the causes that originate, exacerbate or prevent the rehabilitation of a disease, this through the application of magnets in different areas of the body that are found in “Biomagnetic Resonance” based on a methodology described by its discoverer.

In this way, enabling the treatment of different infectious, contagious, chronic degenerative, metabolic, dysfunctional, autoimmune, psychoemotional, tumor and poisoning diseases; reducing clinical symptoms, rehabilitating the different functions in the body and restoring people’s health; obtaining clinical improvement of the patient in a large number of cases, avoiding adverse effects of conventional treatments, drug intoxication due to overdose or anaphylaxis, antimicrobial resistance, and reducing the risks of infection, hemorrhage or surgical complication, as well as hospitalization times, convalescence and rehabilitation.

Biomagnetic Pair is a simple technique that anyone can learn and it is recommended that you do so as long as you obtain first-hand knowledge and information to benefit the health of the population.

How does medical Biomagnetism or Biomagnetic Pair work?

Biomagnetism consists of placing special magnets of medium intensity on specific areas of the body, in order to obtain pH regulation in these areas. By maintaining an adequate pH, homeostasis is restored, thanks to this, the body can regenerate and heal itself.

By applying biomagnetism in specific locations of the body, we are impacting the points where microorganisms resonate. To eliminate them, it is necessary to have the magnets on for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes (this depends on the person and the condition and/or disease). that you have). Thanks to this technique, the proper pH is reestablished in that area and, when present, pathogens cannot survive in this pH environment. The cells become healthy and the body begins to heal.

v Organizing Committee and Faculty (formed directly by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran):

Dr. H.c. Joan Roig: Therapist Trainer and Professor in the Balearic Islands at the Higher School of Medical Biomagnetism at the University of New Medical Sciences (UNCM), member of the Spanish Association of Medical Biomagnetism (AEBM), Course Director.


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