In the following search engine you can find a Biomagnetic Pair practitioner who has taken a certified course from Dr. h.c. Isaac Goiz Durán, you can search by name, country, city, town, postal code or keywords. We make the following clarifications and recommendations about the Biomagnetic Pair technique:

1. The Biomagnetists on this list are people who have studied with Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán or  authorized courses.

2. It is prohibited to give diagnoses and / or prognoses in the short, medium or long term, as well as false hopes of a cure.

3. In Biomagnetic Pair sessions, it is not necessary, under any circumstances, to remove the client’s clothing or to touch the body inappropriately.

4. It is prohibited to charge large amounts of money.

5. Biomagnetic Pair is a facilitating technique focused on maintaining or restoring health conditions. A Biomagnetist is prohibited from influencing decisions made by medical professionals. For example, recommending avoiding surgeries, changing doses of medications, delaying protocoled treatments, etc.

6. Biomagnetism and Bioenergetics are part of the Biomagnetic Pair technique and are not divination techniques, and should not be used to influence decision-making in people’s daily lives.

7. Remote or Surrogate Scans (Telebioenergetics) can only be done in very specific cases in which the client cannot attend the consultation in person, for legal reasons, and/or in cases where it is not possible to place magnets on the client, for example: instability of vital signs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, pregnancy, fertility treatments and use of pacemakers or ferromagnetic or electronic devices within the body. Biomagnetic Pair scans can be performed on clients with prostheses, valves or other implants inside the body, as long as it is ensured that they are not ferromagnetic. Remote scanning should not be used and abused, in order to avoid misinterpretations and loss of health of the Biomagnetist.

8. If there is  no improvement after two or three sessions, we recommend you try a different practitioner, discontinue Biomagnetism scans, or to continue with the scans, not letting it affect your finances.

9. The Biomagnetic Pair technique has a large number of successful cases, however, there is the possibility of not observing improvement in your symptoms, disease, rehabilitation of the side effects of the disease or a definitive cure. The Biomagnetic Pair technique can be used for preventive purposes, with scans every 6 months in the absence of symptoms or a base disease, and for more serious cases or chronic-degenerative diseases, such as Diabetes Mellitus, prophylactic scanning can be performed each month.

10. The use of this directory, as well as the choice of Biomagnetists is the responsibility of the client. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damages that the Biomagnetist of your choice may cause.