Curso Biomagnetismo Primer Nivel Moisés Goiz Online Septiembre

septiembre 14 - septiembre 25
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Biomagnetic Pair, First Level

What is Biomagnetism?

Is a therapeutic system developed by mi father Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, MD  based on his discovery of the first Biomagnetic Pair (BMP) on 1988.

Biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies, measures and corrects the fundamental alterations of the pH of living organisms.

When the pH is balanced, it immediately regulates and corrects the infectious pathologies. This new therapeutic criteria is able to identify the origin of viral and bacterial diseases, as well as glandular dysfunctions caused by pathogenic microorganisms in or near the glands.

A Biomagnetic Pair BMP is created when there are 2 specific areas in the body that are energetically connected and resonate with each other, one is positive-acidic the other negative-alkaline.

Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, MD  discovered that viruses and fungus have a symbiotic relationship as well as bacterias do with parasites. Also bacterias and viruses resonate with each other which causes illness, being one of them pathogen and the other non pathogen depending of the specific illness.

Bacterias and parasites live and grow in an alkaline enviroment while viruses and fungus live and grow in an acidic enviroment.


septiembre 14
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