Biomagmetic Pair App

Targeted to Medical Biomagnetism students and therapists

The Biomagnetic Pair Application is a practical and simple tool in which the therapist learns to reinforce the knowledge acquired in the courses. It is a Study Guide to facilitate learning, recognition and the location of the scanning points and their respective impact points. Presented and located on 3D anatomical maps. It is focused on the different levels of knowledge (basic, intermediate, advanced) and only to covers the First Level Biomagnetism.

Explore, recognize and locate all scanning points by free movement and 360-degree rotation offered by 3D anatomical models. Compare and chose between 3D male and female models for the location of scanning points. Consult the dictionary for a specific scanning point with its respective impact points and allopathic information. Specify the scanning points in the preloaded sequence to explore the First Level of Medical Biomagnetism using the “Guide” option.

Technical support for biomagnetism app

Basic Operational Problems
If you experience problems when launching the application or during its use, try restarting the application, this will solve many of the issues you may experience.

Delete and reinstall the application 
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In-App Purchases
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Delete app and reinstall on your iPad / iPhone 
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Click the Start button once more and the apps will stop shaking. Open the App Store, log in with your Apple ID,  navigate back to our app. Install the app icon. Click Install and you will be asked for the password. Enter the password and the application will be installed on the device again. (Don’t worry, Apple won’t charge you twice for the app or items already purchased with your Apple ID.)

Restart application on your iPad / iPhone 
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Close applications that are running in the background: 
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How can I recover my in-app purchase without having to pay again?
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Can I get a refund?
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How can I redeem a promotional code?
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Is the application available in languages ​​other than Spanish?
At the moment the Biomagnetism App is only available in its native language, which is Spanish, new versions in other languages ​​will be announced in due course from the official biomagnetism pages.

Some of the scan or impact point markers do not appear in the application. Biomagnetism App covers in its current version the scanning points corresponding to the First Level of Medical Biomagnetism, functioning, in its structural essence, as a review and study guide, and as support for therapists who have completed the Biomagnetism course 

Guide mode will allow you to view all first level scanning points in their respective sequence.

Guide Mode:
Located in the lower right corner of the Left side of the exploration tab, (the arrow). This will allow you to activate the scanning sequence as explained and taught in Medical Biomagnetism courses.

You can configure the scanning point where you want the Guide sequence to start, simply by going to the configuration panel in the upper right corner and selecting the point where you want your scanning sequence to start.  Use this to reinforce your knowledge and pre-purchased studies.

If I buy the iPad version, can I download the application for free on my Iphone or Ipod? (and vice versa)
No. Unfortunately, the applications are independent and will have to be purchased separately if you want to use it on both the iPad and the iPhone or iPod. The reason for this is that each application runs on a different operating system – iPad / iPhone. Because of this, the apps for each platforms are developed from scratch and sold separately through the Mac and iTunes App Store. We would love the ability to offer discounts if customers purchase apps for both platforms. However, Apple does not provide a vehicle for us to do so.

Are there discounts for the purchase of more than one application, or is there some kind of promotion? Unfortunately there are none. Our distribution channel is through Apple application stores, all financial transactions flow through Apple and we do not have the possibility to offer discounts or packages, because they do not provide a vehicle for us to do so.

I get a memory warning when using the Biomagnetism app.
If you receive a memory warning it only means that you have many applications open at the same time or running in the background, and it is necessary to close some of the running applications. Although the Biomagnetism application is designed to work with an accessible amount of memory, having too many applications open on one device reduces the performance of all the applications that are currently working.

You must close all unused apps anyway or you may drain your device battery.

The app crashes or freezes
There are three possible reasons why this may be happening: You are using the wrong iOS or OSX on your iPhone / iPod / iPad. To check the version of iOS you have installed on your device, please refer to the following instructions:

Go to the “Settings” icon and go to “general”, select “about”, see “version”

If your iOS is older than the required iOS, please update your device.

If your iOS is older than the required iOS, please update your device.